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Vanessa Vega Cuckolds Pitiful Hubby With Be Strong Black Man

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2 weeks

My wife works in an office & there is a black man who works on a lower floor. He was near her desk & suggested she should have her own cubicle. She said she'd like that so he went to her boos & a few days later she was moved into her cubicle. Then Joe came into her cubicle, put his arms around her & whispered in her ear how do you like your cubicle & he put his hands on her boobs. She removed them & said thank you I really appreciate it.
The next day he came into her cubicle again & put his arms around her, hands feeling her boobs & she tried to pull them away but he had a grip om them & said I want to fuck you! She did not want to make a big disturbance so she said no, please, I'm happily married. She had slipped down in her chair with her legs apart & he took advantage of that. He got his one hand in her crotch while pinching her tit. She was now very aroused & he said you can't escape me, I'm gonna give you a great fuck. He then walked out leaving her very aroused & upset. My wife was 40 at that time & Joe was 33. She knew it was going to be impossible to stop him.
The very next day as she was heading ti the parking lot after work there was Joe. He just stood there looking at her & she said OK, I know, no sense in my sayin g no because you are going to take me anyway. He laughed & they walked to her car. She got on the back seat & starte4d sucking his cock & he fucked her really good. It was by far the best sex she had had in years. He said she was now his regular pussy & she said yes. Then he said I have only one demand! She said what's that? He said I want you to stop having sex with your husband. I want you exclusively.
Well it has now been 4 months since my wife has let me have sex & I am extremely horny.